Trading of medicinal plants and nuts of Rivas

Rivas Trading Company, with the aim of developing the trade of medicinal plants in Golestan province, started its activities in 2020 by offering products such as medicinal plants, vegetable oils, liqueurs and nuts.

The company, managed by Mohammad Kia, started its work by supplying raw materials to other companies, wholesalers and bankers in different cities, relying on the principle of honesty in work and fair prices, and towards its vision of developing foreign trade and export of medicinal plants. He takes a step.

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Why Rivas Trading?

The commercial goal of rivas is to promote the use of organic and healthy medicinal plants with international quality and standards in order to create health among all members of a community and reconciliation with nature. The company is committed to maintaining its values such as product quality, customer orientation, trust and confidence, and sustainable development.

Fair price

High quality products

Customer orientation and commitment

Since medicinal plants have very valuable properties in health, so that they are widely used in both traditional and medical medicine, the company has tried to offer a complete collection of organic plants of excellent quality.

The vision of Rivas Trading Company is to develop the export of pure and special medicinal plants and excellent liqueurs to European countries and other regions of the world. Satisfies its audience.

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